Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bye bye tree

Where did all the shiny sparkly things go? Pesky parents taking them down and just when I was having fun too.  On Tuesday night Mummy turned round just in time to see my world class accomplishment of strength, i pulled the Christmas Tree over, all on my own! I swear I get cleverer every single day! However, there was a very minor tiny..well insignificant really...flaw in my plan, I pulled it over on to me.  Oops.  I had a tree over my head, it was very bristly and  Mummy had to rescue me and she decided there and then to take the tree down, spoilsport.

I'm not going to stop my poo marathon until they reinstate the pretty lights and sparkly stuff.  So there. My bargaining chip is bigger then theirs.  Failure is not an option!

I'm not sleeping very well at the minute, but luckily Mummy sleeps with me so all I have to do is whimper and I get a cuddle and milk on draught, this is so the life. 

I still have no toothy pegs, but have had lots of drool for months now, I emptied a bucket load all over daddy when he was playing with me, he literally had puddle on his arm, see I'm such a nice boy me, I share and everything and I'm only 8.5 months old!

I've been teaching Daddy how to pass things to me, he's doing very well, my cleverness must be catching!  He keeps handing me toys and then saying 'Ta' so I hand them right back, he claps and whoops, such a simple creature, so easy to amuse so I tolerate this inane game for a while, just to make him happy.

I'm still having lots of fun with food despite the fact I don't really eat much of it.  My latest favourate is to suck all the yummy juice out of satsuma pieces, very very yummy, that's in between making peas dance (all you have to do is bash your highchair table and they jump and dance, who knew?!)  and feeding the dog cheerios.

Mummy has ordered me some lovely new nappies from Rosie-Boo's, I can't wait until I get them, not just one but THREE, she let Daddy choose one so he couldn't complain too much, I'd better watch out for girls, they appear to be very cunning.

When I grow up I'm going into the demolition business, it's the dogs bollocks! I have a compulsion to demolish things.  I can spot a stacking cup tower across the room and approach it with super speed just to knock it over.....I do the same with building blocks and stacking bugs too.  I will not allow anybody have a tower in my domain, I don't discriminate between builders, they all get demolished. mwhahahahaha.

Mummy is being a big Meany, I managed to steal the Argos catalogue and she didn't mind, I started ripping it up...she was fine with that too, but the big kill joy confiscated it just because I wanted to eat the bits I ripped. So, for penance I'm stood gripping my chair whilst I'm grunting out a huge poo for her to deal with.  That  will teach her not to mess with me, I may even cry and crawl away mid changing it.  If I don't get the catalogue back within 5 mins, I'll pull out all the stops and keep her awake all night again too. I'm the boss. I'm so the boss.

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